It was a great experience to learn (communication skills) in holistique solutions…. It has changed my personality….Even though I was having good technical knowledge I was lacking in soft skills. Previously I had little bit knowledge of English however I was unable to interact with anyone. Holistique solutions is a good platform to enhance communication skills. Now I am living like a confident girl … Amol sir’s training on spoken English was excellent… His idea of teaching was unforgettable. He has a very unique training methodology.

Anuja (Student at Vartak College)

“It is very difficult for parents to find out what career interest their kids have. Kids change their career interests frequently as and when they grow. Brain Analysis is a good technique to identify hidden real career interests to set goals of one’s career. Ideally, there is no age to carry out this activity but if this can be done before the 10th class it will help a kid to build his career. I have done this at age 58 and my interest and passion were corrected found out by this activity and I was aware of this hidden interest but not taken any action as I started realizing this hidden interest at the age of 50+ due to busy in a routine job. 

Vilas D (Ex VP of Hindustan Unilever)

“It was a great Experience in Holistique Solution. It’s a good platform to improve personality with perfect guidance. It’s motivated me to face this Competitive World with great confidence. Thank you, Amol for such amazing initiatives. “

Akshata More (Techno Commercial Assistant at Schneider Electric India Pvt Ltd)


The counselor (Amol) is very soft-spoken and is a good listener. He understands the problem well and provides guidance accordingly. DMIT test for career selection was very accurate and useful. The overall experience was fantastic and very satisfying.

Aditya D (Content Writer)

“Through DMIT, I got to know a lot about me which I was unaware of. Amol Sir, guided me well with all the aspects of the test. I got to know about my Personality, my Thought process, brain dominance, learning style, etc. I had no clue that I was very strong in languages ( though I never scored good marks not was I able to participate in elocutions) but of late I have noticed that I can write pages when I am upset or super happy about something be it an occasion or surprise, anything.
I am easily influenced by people and change my decision accordingly for which I have started working on and try not to change myself for the sake of others. This test also proved certain aspects which I believe are true such I am a perfectionist, I need a reason to express my point, I am good at planning, I do not prefer limelight, etc.
This test has not only increased my confidence level but also helped me understand myself better. Through this test, I can improve my inherent good qualities and work over it and try my best to eradicate the ones not benefiting me. Amol Sir has been a great counselor and I am glad that I took the best decision of taking this test. “
I highly recommend Amol sir for his counselling skills and urge everyone to avail his services.

Pooja Rajan 

“Wonderful. Experience. Course was tailored as per my requirement. The trainer is a very patient and understanding person. Course material was up to date. “

Sheetal Kumta (Certified Financial Planner)

“Amol sir has a unique style of teaching. My experience with amol sir was great and it was enjoyable. Learning is process which can only be achieved if there is enjoyment in it. I highly recommend people to approach amol sir for any kind of training in communication skills or personality development skills. “

Abhishek tripathi

Skills Assessment and Career Counseling Testimonial