Learning and Development Cycle

Holistique Solutions specializes in delivering customized Corporate Training Programs and Consultation Services for Companies and Organizations to help them meet their Training and Development requirements that are necessarily needed to run an enterprise successfully.

Corporate Training Programs at Holistique Solutions encompass Soft Skills, Leadership Skills, Presentation Skills, Team Building Skills, and much more. We know the importance and need of corporate skill and development training programs/courses and are among the best corporate training service providers in our field. 

At Holistique Solutions, we adopt a case study based approach focusing on real-world problems for all our corporate training programs that help develop an engaging learning environment where every individual is given prioritized attention for effective understanding and maximum productivity.

Few Training modules are

  • Leadership training
  • Presentation skills
  • Public Speaking
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Strategies for success 
  • Body language
  • Effective Communication
  • Email etiquettes
  • Life Skills education
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Self Awareness 
  • Customer Orientation
  • Goal setting & SWOT analysis
  • Stress management
  • Parenting workshops
  • Change Management
  • Team building 
  • The Art of Presenting
  • Inter personal effectiveness
  • Time Management
  • Inclusion & cohesiveness

What is our value proposition? 

ü  As vendor, we are uniquely positioned to tailor our training to support our customers.


ü  Customized Training: Create training objectives and content to meet specific needs

ü  Dedicated session: Maximize skill acquisition and focus content to your business priorities

ü  Onsite Training:  Combine privacy, flexibility, we create customized and teamwork and cost savings.

ü  TNA methodology: We follow a systematic process to understand the root cause of issues/problems of employee’s side as well as employer perspective and then design the training program.

ü  Understand of human nature, identifying talents, skills analysis, overcoming weakness

ü  Vision alignment: We make sure that the vision of Organization is aligned with personal growth of each employee.

Why to Invest in Corporate Training?

  • Increased Employee Productivity
  • Motivated Employees
  • Employee retention
  • Learn new skill
  • Better ROI
  • Closed Group Learning
  • Stay Ahead of Competition,
  • Improved Team Efficiency

Mental & Emotional Well being Workshops.

Healthy workplaces can help to make businesses more productive and employees more engaged. We have created a series of Wellness Workshops that address some of the most common issues today around health and wellness. 

We understand that the impact of optimal health benefits the individual & enhances their contribution to the workplace as well. Therefore, promoting and supporting health in the workplace is common sense along with good business sense.

Diabetes is already a huge burden on the health care system in India; in addition, obesity and overweight can multiply the health risks by increasing cardiovascular mortality, heart attacks, hypertension, and cancers, etc. Few reasons for mental & emotional distress are ailing parents, household & marital issues, eating disorders, lack of physical exercise, smoking & alcoholism, anger, stress, etc. Holistique Solutions would empower employees by creating awareness about mental & emotional well-being or achieving Emotional Intelligence.

Benefits of a healthy workplace for employers

  • Improved staff morale, satisfaction, and motivation
  • Improved work performance and productivity
  • Reduced absenteeism and sick leave
  • Increased return on training and development investment
  • Decreased frequency and cost of workers’ compensation

Benefits of a healthy workplace for employees

  • Increase in health awareness and knowledge
  • Increase in emotional and mental wellbeing
  • Improved morale, job satisfaction and motivation
  • Improved opportunities for a healthier lifestyle
  • Greater capacity to enjoy work- life- balance

Topic and Outline of workshop

1- Personal Effectiveness

a) 7 habits of successful people.
b) Some fitness tips (Yoga Asanas)
c) Impact of diet & nutrition on your mind.
d) Learn to love your body.

2- Self-Awareness

a) Becoming aware of internal & external factors governing one’s life.
b) Learning ways to be in-charge of one’s inner resources.
C) Self-awareness: Self-image & being positive concept.

3- Conflict Management

a) Understanding Conflict and its effects.
b) Acknowledging different styles of conflict management.
c) Dispositional influences.
d) Effective strategies of conflict management.

4- Emotional Effectiveness

a) Understanding emotions: Signs and symptoms
b) Adverse effects: Physical and Psychological
c) Coping mechanisms: Short term and Long term strategies
d) Managing Emotions via effective communication.

5- Team Building

a) Understanding the concept of Team: individual v0/s group effectiveness
b) Understanding team’s behavior & working skills.
c) Stages in Team-building
d) Dealing with dysfunctional factors of a team.
e) Working together is success.