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The title may sound like health insurance policy however, it is nothing related to that. In fact, it is related your HOW TO MAXIMIZE PERSONAL COVERAGE.

How well do you know yourself? Every individual is a born with a gift of certain skills set and intelligences (16 types to be precise). More often than not we fail to recognize our own potential, strength areas. Many of us are in the race to conquer our weaknesses but during that course, we tend to forget our brighter side.

     Fingerprint analysis or DMIT (popularly known as) is a scientific test, which helps us to discover ourselves better. To put it in a perspective, it is a self-reflection or our mirror. The process is simple yet very profound. We at Holistique Solutions are proud & privileged to be associated with “Prof. Lin Ruei Bin” who holds the US Patent for DMIT.

How does it work?

In this process, we take fingerprints (online or in-person), it is sent to a processing laboratory and after 4-5 working days we get a report. After spending about a day, we schedule an appointment with our client to discuss about following aspects

  • Personality Trait (thought process, nature, habits, etc.)
  • Brain Dominance
  • Learning Pattern
  • Multiple Intelligence
  • Career Options

What is the right age to do it?

Anyone & everyone in the age group of 3yrs-60yrs can do this, however the earlier the better(3yrs-10yrs) because as a parent we can mould our children better. Career is not important at that age; however, we understand our child better and help him/her groom better by understanding their nature.

Important Tip:

It is a once in a life-time investment which will help them avoid confusion when they are in 9th std or 12th std. In India we spend anywhere between 6 lakh -10 lakh on education till 12th grade, however we don’t invest a small amount in knowing our potential which will reap benefits in longer run.


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Thank you

Amol Jambhekar

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