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About Holistique Solutions

Holistique Solutions started its journey in 2017. Since its inception, we have been focusing on skills assessment, career guidance & overall image grooming between the age group of 3yrs-60 yrs.

We provide career guidance via U.S.Patented method by analyzing brain via biometric   scans. We guarantee that our results will be min of 90% accurate, or you are entitled for our money back policy.

We, at Holistique Solutions institute, believe in empowering people at all phases of life to explore their true potential and evolve into winning personalities.

About the program

Key Features of DMIT Process

  • Once in a lifetime investment for your child or yourself.
  • Better results than Aptitude test, IQ tests.
  • We can accurately pinpoint your personality trait & behaviour pattern.
  • Brain dominance helps you to figure out whether you are logically strong or you are a creative person.
  • Learning style helps you to grasp things academically as well as professionally.
  • There are 16 types of intelligence in each one of us, off course we need to develop some and we need to cash onto some.
  • Your career path is based upon above 5 factors which make this process unique & accurate.

Benefits of DMIT

  • Discover innate strengths and weakness
  • Enhance learning experience by identifying learning styles
  • Personalize academic and extra curriculum programs
  • Minimize time & financial commitments on courses
  • Reveal hidden talents
  • Build confidence
  • Improve family relationships
  • Make academic and career choices easier

How we will help:

  • Identify your innate potential
  • Assess your skills
  • Map your career based on SWOT analysis
  • Counselling through US patented Technology

Who should do this analysis??

Working Professionals
Women who took career break

Career Consultant

Amol Jambhekar

Masters in Mechanical Engineering (USA)

Mr. Amol is a Career consultant, Soft skill enhancer and Corporate trainer. He has a total of 11 years of corporate experience spanning FMCG, industrial & automotive companies. He is working in the Training & Education industry for the past 3 years.

He has conducted & participated in many career guidance workshops, seminars on soft skills, parenting & well-being topics (conflict, stress, anger). He also works with kids between the age group of 12-16 years teaching them life skills (self-analysis, meditation, creativity, etc).

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