The recruiters in the education sector have one of the most important responsibilities, even though they keep themselves in the background, their decisions shape the face of an academic institution. They are asked to choose and train the perfect teacher to handle to children and youth of the nation.

Thus, it becomes crucial to address the challenges they face during the recruitment and retention phase. The revolutionary DMIT (Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Test) by Brainwonders addresses these points in a highly scientific and researched manner.

How DMIT helps HR Professional in Education Industry

The natural talent of the candidate id difficult to evaluate. Here, the multiple intelligence profile will help in understanding the inborn potential of the candidate in the chosen subject area.

No candidate mentions their weaknesses. The test can show the sensitive points of the prospective teacher.

This test highlights the thought process as well as behavioral pattern of the candidate.

By using the characters profile, the understanding of conscious and subconscious traits not only facilitates the interview, but also in the long term development of the recruited candidate